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Dreamerland 1.4 update note

We're excited to announce Dreamerland 1.4. There are several important feature included in this update.

1. Control Layer

This new feature gives you even more control over the generation process, allowing you to create better results with additional conditions. Control layers are powerful tools that can help you achieve your desired outcomes. Currently we have 3 control model - Pose, Canny edge, Depth map. They all have different usage and strength.

Pose control

Canny edge control

Depth control


You can use more than one control on your generation. For example, we apply a pose layer for human position and pose. A depth layer creates the depth of the background.

2. Scribble

With this new addition to our app, you can let your creativity soar by drawing whatever you want and having our AI generate an image based on your input. Scribble is a powerful tool that can help you create custom designs and images with ease.

3. Pose Library

Pose library provides different pose template for you to choose. You can add multiple poses in an image.

For more advanced use case and workflow, you can reach us on our discord server.

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